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Unspoken Attraction: SesshomaruxKagome Site
Unspoken Attraction Fic

Here is a fanfic based off of the fanart of Sesshomaru and Kagome. To see that pic please go to the image page.


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Unspoken Attraction

Kagome was so sick of Inuyasha and Kikyo. They were practically mating in front of her and it was making her mad. Kagome and her friends had to watch them go at it like rabbits. Finally, Kagome left the camp. I get so sick and tired of them doing that at dinner time. Can't they find a place to go to do that, Kagome asked herself annoyed. She couldnt believe that after telling Inuyasha how she felt for his half-brother he runs back to Kikyo in a flash. Kagome got a wicked idea on how to make Inuyasha jealous. She knew he was jealous of Sesshomaru for almost completely stealing her heart.

Kagome set off towards Sesshomarus castle. It was time for payback and she going to enjoy it. Kagome knew exactly where to go to find him. She turned the corner and entered the back gate to the gardens he made for Rin. KAGOME, a very ecstatic Rin yelled and hugged her. Hello Rin. Good evening Sesshomaru, Kagome said as she walked up to him. Sesshomaru grew tense. He had such powerful feelings for her and was trying to get rid of them. He then realized that they would never go away. Good evening. What do you need, Sesshomaru asked politely for a change. I have a proposition for you, Kagome said with an evil smile on her face.

Oh. Lets hear it, Sesshomaru said curiosity taking full effect over him. All right I want to teach Natasha a lesson. Hes been screwing that corpse in front of us and its not very pleasant when youre eating. So, I want you to act like my mate and everywhere he goes hell find us messing around with each other. Fair game right??? You get vengeance on your brother and I get justice, Kagome said calmly and confidently. Ill do it on one condition. You stay here forever. You can visit your friends whenever you like, but only if Im with you. Deal, Sesshomaru said looking into her eyes. Deal, Kagome said smiling. So, when do we start this? I want to know now, Sesshomaru said hiding away his own smile.

Tonight, Kagome said as Sesshomarus lips curved into a divine smile that sent Kagome into heaven. Who knew he had such a gorgeous smile? All right. Lets go. Rin take care of the castle while Im gone. Remember to use the spell of a thousand demons or the spell of calling, Sesshomaru said as he wrapped his arm around Kagomes waist causing her to blush. Okay Fluffy-sama, Rin called excitedly. Then her and Sesshomaru were off at top speed.

Land 4 feet away. I want to fix something, Kagome said as Sesshomaru nodded. Sesshomaru landed 4 feet away as he was told. Stay very still, Kagome said as her hands began to glow gold and slowly Sesshomarus missing arm was back and there wasnt even a scar! Thank you, Sesshomaru said quietly. No problem. Lets walk the rest of the way, Kagome said and they walked the rest of the way to camp. Of course demons attacked them, but Sesshomaru defeated them easily. Finally, they reached their destination and Inuyasha was fuming mad. Lets play, Kagome whispered and they walked out together. Kagome giggled and that caught Inuyashas attention. Oh Sesshomaru! You naughty boy, Kagome said as she winked at him. You know I cant resist you, Sesshomaru said kissing her neck sucking on it every once in a while. Kagome almost moaned in pleasure. Inuyasha couldnt believe his eyes. His brother was moving in on what he called his territory, kissing all over his ex-lover in front of him! Oh Sesshomaru, Kagome moaned and Sesshomaru inwardly smiled. Now, he knew how she really felt for him. The game had begun and he was winning in every single way thinkable. Sesshomarus clawed hand slowly went up her shirt and caressed her bra covered breast. Kagome moaned loudly. What was he doing to her?

She was practically giving herself to him and she didnt care. She was under his spell and she couldnt break it. He was too powerful over her and that excited her yet scared her. He was dangerous with his power over her, she knew she was his forever because he has her heart. Kagome knew he was going all the way and for some reason she didnt care. Inuyasha finally got tired of gapping at them and left. Sesshomaru let go of her, but had to hold Kagome up because she was in a daze of pleasure.

The wind blew at Sesshomarus back causing his hair, his yellow obi, and his sleeves to blow about. Kagome finally got stability and Sesshomaru moved his arms away. Kagome looked up into his eye and fell into a trance. He was absolutely gorgeous, his eyes full of passion and love. And it was directed towards her. Kagome slowly walked to close the gap between them still in her trance. She leaned up and kissed his lips and in which he responded. The kiss of raw passion was like a kiss of complete dominance over the other. Of course, Sesshomaru won that battle. Kagome smiled at him and layed her head upon his chest. You are mine Kagome. No one will ever take you away from me, Sesshomaru said while running his hand through her midnight blue hair. Youre right Sesshomaru. We had an unspoken attraction that quickly brought us together in a game. I am yours and you are mine. Thats just how it should be, Kagome said sighing happily. An unspoken attraction huh? Yes Kagome. Its how it should be. Forever, Sesshomaru said smiling as they stood and watched the sun rise over the land. Then they set off to return home.

The End

I apologize. Tripod does not allow quotation marks on their text files. So, if you would like to read a less confusing version of this fic please e-mail me or visit penname: BrollisChik or visit penname: AliceOghami. Thank you and sorry for the inconvienence.