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Unspoken Attraction: SesshomaruxKagome Site

This is a site dedicated to Sesshomaru and Kagome of Inuyasha!
This website is dedicated to them as a couple.  Enjoy what all I have on this site!!!!!

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Kagome: Enjoy the site about me and my only true love Sesshomaru! Note the gif of Duo and the panther. They are protecting this site from flamers.


Sesshomaru: Welcome to Unspoken Attraction. You are asked not to flame. Me and my love Kagome are giving our appreciation to Sesshomaru's Lady for building us this lovely webpage. Keep visiting for updates!!! She might add a fanfic page later, but you are asked to send a link of your fanfiction. Thank you. Oh yeah, please leave all cats outside. *cough* They might get eaten. Thank you enjoy!

Please send fan art, fanfiction(url form please), links, and images to
Also, note that flames won't do you any good. And another note I know Sesshomaru's Japanese name spelling is Sesshou Maru, but I like the english one better.